Flying rules in Slovenia

SFFA would like to welcome all foreign pilots to fly in Slovenia. However there are some local regulations which has to be taken into account when hang gliding or paragliding in Slovenia. According to safety regulative by CAA, level 4 is required for local unsupervised flying and level 5 for XC flying. Pilot with no IPP card or with IPP stage below 4 can only fly under supervision of the instructor.

Please read the safety directive issued by CAA - Slovenian flying agency

General free flying rules

Graphic presentation of European free flying rules

Take off places

There are many takeoff's which are managed by local clubs. Please refer to start place details and read carefully local regulations, limitations and warnings! Be polite and responsible when visiting takeoffs and landing places. Please do not litter either on official takeoffs and landings or when landing on XC flights!

  • Official free flying frequency is 147.800 MHz.
  • Rescue team often informs pilots about the arrival of a rescue helicopter on this frequency.
  • Respect the notices and retreat from the area of rescue in time!
  • Instructors and group leaders must monitor the situation and notices at the official freeflying frequency!

Emergency procedures

In case of emergency call 112 and give full description of the situation including exact position, type of emergency, help needed, other possible communication possibilities including mobile phone numbers, radiofrequencies (147.800 MHz). Every emergency including every reserve opening, tree landing even without need for help should be reported to 112 with clear statement of the situation - even if no help is needed - to avoid unnecessary rescue operation. 

Flying permits and regulation

For flying in some Slovenian sites you need day or weekly permits/vignettes. For all the informations about permits, costs and selling points check or contact local club in the area where you plan to fly. See take-off places page.
For your own safety, make sure you read instructions for the use of take-off before flying. The documents can be found at "Take-off instructions" page.

  • Organized flying outside registered take off places is not allowed!*
  • Organized flying: PG/HG competitions, event organization, groups (5 or more pilots) and schooling. See organized flying rules.* 

Any *organized flying must be notified to a club at least 72 hours in advance. The notification must contain the first name and last name of the leader of the group.

  • No commercial tandem flying is permitted  in Slovenia unless special permit is issued by government body.
  • Special authorization is required for foreign paragliding instructors who intend to perform flight training activities within the Slovenian teritory.
  • Competitions are allowed only with agreement with the local club.


All standard VFR rules apply in the air. They can be found in Slovene and English on this link. There are areas with lots of sailplane activity and special attention should be made. Hang gliding and paragliding is allowed only in G class airspace. Please refer to this link for airspace maps. Generally in northwest part, limit is 2900m MSL and elsewhere 750m AGL. Please be especially carefull near Ljubljana and Maribor international airports. Some starting and landing places are very close to prohibited areas.

We strongly suggest to fly only with third party liability insurance. There is no minimum limit set for this insurance. Rescue insurance is for the time being not needed. All changes of this regulation will be published on these pages.

Hints for pleasant and safe flying

  • Fly safe only under favourable conditions!
  • For taking off and landing please use only official, marked places.
  • Respect the nature, animals, plants, birds…
  • It is forbidden to drive or park on the grassland!
  • Take all litter with you!

For more information: Instructions for flying in Slovenia